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Android application development

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Need a mobile wireless client for your employees, a mobile guide for your company's services, or have a wonderful idea how to present your business on a mobile phone? We are glad to propose you Android application development services!

Examples of Android and other mobile applications developed by us

Why Android?

  • Android is the most rapidly growing mobile platform
  • Less development costs for Java-based Android applications
  • Good compatibility with many devices of different manufacturers

We propose you:

  • Individual approach to each client
  • No advance payment! Development of the requirement specifications and the working demo before first payment
  • Stage-based payment for development services
  • Large programming experience on Android platform
  • Delivery of complete and ready-to-use project including mobile application, website, and backend servers
  • Development for J2ME, iPhone, Windows Mobile
  • Expert knowledge of GSM technologies
  • Attractive prices (we use and modify existing platforms and solutions)

The complete project includes:

  • Android application, communicating with the application server via mobile Internet
  • Website (public)
  • User control panel
  • Administrator panel (backend)
  • Application server

Example: the system for video translation from mobile phones includes Android application (using the camera), application server (Darwin streaming server), and web-based user control panel (where authorized users may see the translations from mobile phones)

Your Android application can:

  • Have the logo and the design of your company
  • Use external servers through mobile Internet
  • Use SMS, MMS and voice services
  • Determine the location using GSM and GPS
  • Use the camera (for example, to scan barcodes)

Development process

  • You contact us using a form on our website and describe the desired functionality as detailed as possible;
  • We inform you on an appropriate costs of the project;
  • We create a requirements specification, agree it with you, and inform you on a final costs of the project;
  • We prepare a working demo which shows basic functionality requested by you;
  • You make an advance payment (30%);
  • We start the development;
  • After all functions are implemented (according to the specification), you pay for the development (50%);
  • We test the software together with you, fix the bugs are fixed and implement the small features;
  • After a testing period (1-2 months) is finished or all bugs are fixed, you make a final payment (20%);
  • We fix the software bugs without additional charge during a warranty period (1 year).

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