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Web-based SMS software "Borea SMS

Bulk SMS system, group management

Our company is glad to present you a multi-user bulk SMS system "Borea SMS"!

Borea SMS can be used in SMS advertising business or in any company who would like to improve customer relations through SMS communication.

This system is more than SMS marketing system. It can be used in any case when you have many users and need to send or receive SMS messages. For example, you can use it for helpdesk ticket processing by SMS, instant communication between the staff members of the company, SMS orders.

General features

  • Unlimited number of users

  • Access from everywhere through a web browser

  • Instant receiving of SMS status reports

  • Account balance for every user (the currency and the number of SMS messages) which can be updated by the administrator

  • Subscriber groups can be created from the file and from the clipboard

  • Bulk SMS messaging to groups and to the directly entered phone numbers

  • Send SMS through HTTP gateway or through one or multiple GSM modems

  • Receive SMS in GSM-modem mode and deliver them to users according to keywords

  • Keyword-based blacklisting and auto-responder

  • Report status of customer orders by SMS

  • Statistics of payments and SMS campaigns


Borea SMS may be embedded into your website and we can change the web design in accordance with your template.

Online demo

Click here to see a working SMS messaging system. Note: the software is currently not able to send SMS worldwide, use it as a demo.


Core system


Integration with one SMS provider




Changing of logo and copyright change


Billing and free registration


Integration into your website

From $99.90

Create new design

From $399.90

Integration with a payment system (e.g. Paypal)


Integration with 2 or more SMS providers


Extended support/upgrade*


* The warranty period for the system is 1 year and the number of free upgrades during this year is limited to 2. The extended support/upgrade option extends the warranty period to 3 years and gives you unlimited upgrades.

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