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Quick start guide to Headwind GSM modem driver

What is Headwind GSM modem driver?

Headwind GSM modem driver is designed for sending and receiving SMS and WAP Push messages through a GSM modem. It implements the AT interface for GSM modem according to GSM 03.40 standard. After a serial connection with the GSM modem or mobile phone is established, Headwind GSM modem driver automatically configures the modem, and provides the user with a user-friendly GUI for sending and receiving short text messages. Headwind GSM modem driver also provides an ActiveX API which may be used by third-party applications for working with the GSM modem.

How can you send SMS from your PC

Any mobile phone is able to send short messages in the GSM network. However, to use this facility in a personal computer, the mobile phone must be connected with it. There is a standard for serial connection between the modem and the PC, which is also applicable for the GSM device (GSM modem).

First mobile devices were connected to the computers via cable (a real serial connection). Nowadays only pluggable GSM modems use real serial port to communicate with the computer, whereas ordinary mobile phones use Bluetooth connection (they use one of the Bluetooth services, the so-called virtual serial connection).

The AT communication protocol is a simple terminal protocol. It means that sending SMS by direct using the AT communication protocol consists of typing several text commands in a terminal window, which is obviously not an user-friendly interface. Headwind GSM modem driver is the application implementing this interface and providing a user-friendly GUI for sending messages from the PC (see figure).

Sending SMS using Headwind GSM modem driver

Enable Bluetooth on your phone

For different phone models, Bluetooth is enabled in different ways. The most common way to access Bluetooth is opening the main menu of the mobile phone, selecting "Connections" and then "Bluetooth". Select "Activate" or "Enable" to enable Bluetooth. A Bluetooth icon usually appears on the phone screen.

Establish the Bluetooth connection between the PC and the phone

The Bluetooth connection is established using a Bluetooth setup wizard. The details for establishing a connection may vary for different driver manufacturers. See the user's manual for Headwind GSM Modem Driver for details

Starting Headwind GSM modem driver

Install the Headwind GSM modem driver if you have not already done it. The application must be started from Start->Programs->Headwind SMS->Headwind GSM Modem Driver->Headwind GSM Modem Driver. A blue D-like icon with a radio tower must appear in the tray (a balloon tip will help you to find it). Click it by right mouse button and open the control panel.

Setup the virtual serial port number (you must retrieve it when connecting the phone via Bluetooth). After the serial port name has been setup, click the "Connect" button. Your mobile phone must be ready to send SMS in some seconds (a balloon tip will notify you about the successful connection).

Sending SMS

The SMS may be sent from the control panel by clicking "Send SMS" or from the popup menu. Just type the text of the message and the recipient number in the SMS edit window and click "Send". To be sure that the application works, send a message to yourself, you must get it immediately.

Good luck!

We hope that our product will be useful for your business and comfortable for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter problems or need some features.