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Headwind SMS Outlook Add-In


Sample short message in Headwind SMS Outlook Add-In This add-in has been designed to integrate Headwind SMS suite with the Microsoft Office. The users who have customer contacts in Microsoft Outlook can now send short messages to them and to perform bulk SMS sending to the Outlook distribution lists. The short messages are sent from your own SIM card through a mobile phone or GSM modem connected to the PC. To use Headwind SMS Outlook Add-In, you must first install Headwind GSM Modem Driver to provide the connectivity between your PC and a GSM device.

The add-in can receive SMS which were sent to your mobile phone number. When Headwind GSM Modem Driver is connected to the device and Outlook is opened, all short messages delivered to the device appear in the Outlook inbox.


Headwind SMS Outlook Add-In includes the following unique features:

  • Sending SMS to Outlook contacts, Outlook distribution lists and manually entered phone numbers
  • Using UNICODE letters for sending SMS in national charsets
  • Sending long SMS and WAP Push messages
  • Receiving short messages to Outlook inbox
  • Using shared GSM modem to send short messages


Before installing Headwind SMS Outlook Add-In, the following software should be present on your PC:

  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft Office XP/2003/2007 (including full installation of Outlook)
  • Headwind GSM Modem Driver

Download the add-in distributive (this is a Microsoft Installer file) and open it in the Explorer. The add-in must be installed automatically. Before using Headwind SMS Outlook Add-In, it is recommended to setup Headwind GSM Modem Driver and try to send SMS from it.

If you do not see button "Send SMS"

  • Check that Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is installed. Enter the directory C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework and check that there is a subdirectory v2.0.50727 (the last number may be other). If the component is note installed, please install it. Download Microsoft.NET 2.0 from the Microsoft website >>
  • Open the Microsoft Office setup wizard (Start -> Control Panel -> Add and remove programs (Programs and components) -> Microsoft Office, "Change"), select "Add or remove components", "Advanced", and select "Run all from my computer" for Microsoft Outlook. Finish the setup and try to run Microsoft Outlook once again.
  • If you have Microsoft Office 2007, it is necessary to install an additional component "Collaboration Data Objects". Download CDO 1.21 for Outlook 2007 from the Microsoft website >>

Receiving SMS

Once the Headwind SMS Outlook add-in is installed and the Outlook application is started, incoming SMS will be automatically delivered to the "Inbox" folder. The subject of the incoming message will be "SMS from <number>" and the message body will contain the text of the SMS.

To receive SMS, Headwind GSM Modem Driver must be connected to the GSM device. Read the user's manual if you encounter problems with the configuration of the GSM modem connection.

To connect with the GSM modem automatically, it is recommended to switch on flags "Launch application at startup" and "Auto-connect at startup" in the "Application" tab of the control panel.

Sending SMS

To send SMS to multiple recipients, click the "Send SMS" button on the Outlook toolbar. The add-in window will appear. Type the message text in the appropriate edit box and select SMS recipients (manually or using the "Contacts" button), then click "Send" to queue messages for sending.

To send short messages, Headwind GSM Modem Driver must be connected to the mobile device. If the "Send" button is disabled, you must first configure and establish the connection with the GSM device.


Using of Headwind SMS Outlook Add-In is free. However the add-in requires Headwind GSM Modem Driver, which is a commercial software. You are also paying for each SMS by your standard tariff (it is recommended to use SMS packages to reduce costs per SMS).