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Headwind Mobile Promoter

SMS marketing software

This is a powerful mobile marketing software designed for small and medium business. Headwind Mobile Promoter gives you the possibility to inform your customers on new goods and offers, create and run the targeted mobile marketing campaigns, subscribe new abonents at your website. The software is written in accordance with MMA mobile advertising guidelines, allowing to add or remove abonents from the subscription lists by one mouse click. Headwind Mobile Promoter uses a GSM device to send SMS, which gives your SMS campaigns many additional advantages over traditional gateway-based campaigns.

Where Headwind Mobile Promoter can be used?

  • Shops and markets: information about new offers, actions and discounts, sending news to regular customers
  • Real estate agencies: information about new offers to the subscribers
  • Recruiting agencies: notification about new vacancies
  • Advertising and marketing agencies: mobile marketing actions
  • Schools and colleges: notification about seminars and exams
  • SMS polls
  • ...and many others!

Unique features of Headwind Mobile Promoter:

  • User-friendly management of campaigns, recipient groups and messages
  • Schedule of SMS campaigns: your subscribers will never be waken up by SMS at night
  • Receiving of abonents' replies to your PC
  • Support of blacklists; remove abonents from the subscription by one mouse click
  • WAP Push messages expand your SMS ads to content-rich WAP pages
  • Easy GSM device setup using Headwind SMS Modem Driver
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