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SMS Monitor

SMS Монитор

SMS Monitor is a program for computer management by SMS. SMS Monitor does not use Internet for communication and works even if the connection in data center is lost. The program is designed for Windows OS (including Windows Server), it can work in application or service mode, and allows to run programs, restart Windows services or reboot the PC by sending SMS messages to the phone number of GSM modem connected to the computer. The administrator can also setup SMS notifications in the case of problems with a service or with a host.

To manage the computer, the following scripts are included in the system:

  • rebooting the computer;
  • restarting the network;
  • restarting a Windows service.

To control the malfunctions and to send SMS message to the administrator, the following script are included in SMS monitor:

  • checking of process in memory;
  • checking of host (ping request).

The program "SMS Monitor" uses the platform "Headwind GSM Modem Driver" to work with a GSM modem. The program is setup for long-term work in server applications.

To make your server more reliable, it is recommended to connect the GSM modem through a serial port (RS-232) to exclude possible hardware conflicts when using USB. The following GSM modems are recommended to use with the software:

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