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Headwind GSM Modem Driver is a powerful SMS messaging platform providing a COM/.NET interface for sending and receiving short GSM messages. It may be used to deploy an inexpensive and reliable SMS server based on GSM modem, which will move your business online in the GSM network. The personal SMS server is an ideal solution for companies using a permanent Internet connection.

What you need for the SMS server deployment

  • Computer which will always be turned on (server)
  • Windows 2003 Server OS (Windows XP may be used as well)
  • GSM/GPRS modem (Teltonika ModemUSB/G10 is recommended)
  • .NET framework to run custom applications (optionally)

Sample SMS solutions

Modem sharing via DCOM

GSM modem sharing

If several people in the office need to communicate with remote personnel via SMS, it is not necessary to equip each computer with a GSM modem. Headwind SMS suite allows to share one GSM modem between several computers.


Subscription to SMS news

SMS subscription services

Imagine that you have a shop and you wish to inform your regular customers on the new offer or discount. The phone calls are difficult and time-consuming, the e-mails are annoying and ineffective... Yes, you decide to send bulk SMS to them, that is, to start a small SMS marketing campaign.


SMS engine

SMS service on your website

Did you ever see the form for sending SMS on the mobile operator's site? Such form is an efficient way to attract customers and to return them to your website again and again. The engine for sending short GSM messages is not as difficult to deploy as you may probably think. Our company provides you with the heart of the SMS engine.


Custom SMS system development

Did not find the solution you're thinking about? Please contact us and we will consult you on the SMS software which best fits your business needs. Our company can develop the custom solution based on Headwind SMS platform in accordance with your requirements.