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Web application development

Web-based application is a popular and common form of application. The application is available to any user in the web browser and does not require installation. The web-based application may be intended either for internal or for public use. Web applications may be used as parts of public websites, as internal corporate applications, or as servers for Android and iPhone applications.

AJAX technology allows to make the interface of the web-based application as comfortable and usable as the interface of the desktop application. The contents of the webpage is changed without refreshing the whole page, so the interface is sensitive to the user actions.

Benefits of web-based applications

  • Cross-platform architecture;
  • Easy organization of user access rights;
  • Public access to the application;
  • Smaller development price due to huge number of components.

We propose you:

  • Development and design of web applications;
  • Integration of web-based applications with SMS services and other systems;
  • Development of administrative modules for mobile app design;
  • Development of high-loaded web applications.
  • Delivery of tested and working applications.

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