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Why people choose Headwind SMS?

There is a plenty of SMS-related products in the Internet. Let us discuss the benefits of Headwind GSM Modem Driver, which is the heart of Headwind SMS Suite.

No SMS gateway required

Headwind SMS software uses GSM modem or mobile phone for SMS communication, it does not use an Internet connection to send SMS. What does it mean?

  • Confidentiality. You can be sure that your customer database will not appear somewhere else and nobody will send unsolicited SMS to your customers.
  • Economy. You can choose the best SMS messaging tariff you ever know. You can even purchase an unlimited tariff and send thousands of SMS messages for a fixed price.
  • Using your own number. Your company can be identified by your number. Your customers may call you back (for GSM modem, the call forwarding must be set up).
  • Two-way messaging. You can receive messages from your customers free of charge.

Automatic configuration

The software automatically finds your GSM modem and chooses the communication port for you. There are many different GSM devices on the market now; Headwind GSM Modem Driver automatically adjusts its capabilities in accordance with the device.

Instant delivery of incoming messages

The most of of SMS products load serial communication port by periodical requests of the GSM device for incoming SMS. Headwind GSM Modem Driver implements instant notifications on incoming messages, so you receive SMS just after it is received by the GSM device. This feature is optional; the traditional polling method may be used instead.

Always online

The software may be automatically launched and connected at startup. This feature is especially useful in enterprise SMS solutions.

Extensive help system and connection guide

The step-by-step instructions on Bluetooth or USB connection are included. The advanced support may be requested in the case of problems.